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September 10, 2007
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Minnesota AG Says Insurers Encourage Aggressive Annuity Sales Practices; Allianz Life Says It Is Now Focusing More On Customers’ Needs
Congress may be ready to address the use of questionable designations used by some producers who specialize in sales to the elderly, and two senior state officials said insurance companies should be held more accountable for annuity sales practices. But the CEO for Allianz Life told a Senate hearing last week his company is already putting protections in place....
ANSWERING CRITICS: HealthMarkets Says It Makes Sure Customers Know What They’re Buying
A leading health insurer has responded to a USA Today article criticizing its sales and marketing practices by stating that it has taken “strong steps” to make sure its customers know what they’re buying....
MARKET CONDUCT ACTIONS: UnitedHealthcare Paying $20 Million in ‘Historic Settlement’ with 37 States
In what is being call “an historic settlement,” UnitedHealthcare has settled a multistate market conduct exam with 37 states by agreeing to pay an assessment of up to $20 million to the states....
MARKET CONDUCT ACTIONS: Farmers Pays $3.4 Million to Settle California Rates Dispute
Farmers Insurance Group has agreed to refund $1.4 million to some of its policyholders, and to pay a $2 million fine, to settle a compliance action with the California Department of Insurance....
MARKET CONDUCT ACTIONS: Stewart Title Pays $1 Million Fine to California, Awaits Further Regulatory Scrutiny in Washington
It is out of the fat and into the fire for Stuart Title. The title insurer agreed to pay California $1 million to settle charges that it paid illegal rebates and engaged in other unfair business practices. It now faces a very unhappy regulator in Washington state who is promising to seek the maximum penalty for similar alleged transgressions....
MARKET CONDUCT ACTIONS: Allstate Faces Questions in New York About Nonrenewal Letters
New York is warning Allstate and its affiliates to stop basing homeowner insurance renewal decisions on whether the customer has other policies with the company....
GAO Report Slams FEMA’s Lack of Oversight of Flood Insurance Program Payments to Insurers
The Government Accountability Office is recommending that the Federal Emergency Management Agency get a better grip on the actual expenses that write-your-own insurance companies incur for the National Flood Insurance Program, and to do a better job of auditing insurers....
New Maryland Commissioner Has Pro-Consumer History
One of the closest advisors to Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and a long-time consumer advocate is the state’s new insurance commissioner. Ralph Tyler had been the state’s  chief legal counsel....
Washington State Agency Report Predicts More Lawsuits
A new report from Washington state’s Office of Financial Management is predicting there will be an increase in the number of lawsuits relating to the denial of insurance claims if voters approve Referendum 67 in November....
Like Rhode Island, You Should Revisit Replacement Procedures, Too
Rhode Island revisited its Regulation 29 last summer, updating the rule governing life insurance and annuity replacements that was first issued in 1980. If it’s been awhile since you reviewed your own replacement review procedures, consider getting a new perspective this month....
Rules, Regs & Bulletins Sept. 10, 2007

A summary of recent regulatory developments and legislation....