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September 24, 2007
Print Version of All Articles in Sept. 24 ICI
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SIU Salary Survey: Pay Differences, Budgets, Staffing Issues Impact Antifraud Efforts
Compensation for women trails men in the male-dominated world of special investigations units, but overall, six in 10 working in special investigations units say they’re happy with their compensation. Even so, SIU professionals are having to stretch their resources to deal with more sophisticated fraud schemes....
SIU Salary Survey: Men Outnumber Women, Earn More in the SIU
Is it a man’s world? It probably is in an SIU, where men outnumber women three to one – and also earn significantly more at virtually every salary level....
SIU Salary Survey: Many Fraud Fighters Say They Aren’t Paid What They’re Worth
A overwhelming number of antifraud professionals have a suggestion for their employers: pay them fairly....
SIU Salary Survey: Improve SIU Operations With This Wish List for People, Technology, Funding
Many of those on the front lines in the fight against insurance fraud say they have the budget and resources they need, but they say more people, better technology and increased funding would give them a leg up on criminals....
SIU Salary Survey: FCLA/FCLS, CIFI Are Most Popular Choices for SIU Designations
The results of the 2007 Insurance Compliance Insight SIU Salary Survey show that most fraud fighters have college educations and hold one or more professional designations....
Insurers Must Pay Only for Covered Losses, Florida Supreme Court Says
The Florida Supreme Court has reaffirmed that an insurer is only required to pay for the portion of a total loss for which it has provided coverage....
Kreidler Urges Voters Approve Washington’s Insurance Claims Referendum
Things are getting a little testy in Washington as opposing sides of Referendum 67 jockey for the hearts and minds of state voters....
House, White House Facing Off Over TRIA Extension; Insurers Want NBCR Provisions Removed
The House has passed a bill to extend the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act through 2022, but the measure still has to overcome opposition from the insurance industry and the Bush administration before it becomes law....
This Is No Time to Repeal McCarran-Ferguson Antitrust Protections, NAMIC Analysis Says

Eliminating the antitrust exemption provided in the McCarran-Ferguson Act will increase the cost and reduce the availability of insurance products, according to a recently released analysis....

Rules, Regs & Bulletins Sept. 24, 2007

A summary of recent regulatory developments and legislation....