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March 19, 2007
Best Practices: Social Security Numbers
Experts at a recent privacy summit are advising insurers pay attention to the 60-plus state laws now on the books dealing with improper uses of Social Security Numbers – and to check their procedures for using the nine-digit identifier....
Juries Rule Against American Family, State Farm in Car Parts, Homeowners Insurance Lawsuits
Juries in Missouri and Mississippi delivered defeats to two insurance companies in lawsuits involving after-market auto parts and damage to a home caused by Hurricane Katrina....
Commissioners Delay Action on Viaticals, Travel in Life Underwriting, Other Matters

There was a lot of talking, but not much deciding, at the spring meeting of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Three committees deferred action on viatical settlements, disaster reporting and considering travel in life underwriting....

Banks Paying More to Strengthen Compliance Ops
Banks are paying more to improve compliance. Maybe you should be, too....
FinCEN Slaps Transaction Ban on Macau Bank For Money Laundering, Ties to North Korea
Get ready to add Banco Delta Asia SARL (BDA) to the list of banned companies on your anti-money laundering list. The Treasury Department will require U.S. financial institutions to take certain “special measures” against it....
Empire BCBS Is Quick to Learn from Incident Involving Misplaced Data CD
Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield learned quickly from the latest incident involving an insurance company losing personal health information....
Consumer Complaints Drop for Third Year, but Claims Remains Top Source of Gripes
The latest statistics from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners show that claims errors account for more than half of all the complaints that consumers filed against companies in 2006....
Allstate Faces Texas-Sized Rebate Order; All Property Carriers Must Justify Rates
Things aren’t looking good these days for homeowner insurers in Texas. First, a court told Allstate Texas Lloyds to reduce its rates by 5 percent and refund overcharges dating to 2004. A day later, the department ordered all insurance companies to file and justify their current homeowner rates this spring....
Companies Seeking Rate Reform Changes
Insurers are asking the Florida state legislature to make some changes to the far-reaching rate reform package it passed earlier this year....
New York Tells All: Reg 60, Social Workers, Signatures, Asking for Legal Opinions
The New York Insurance Department has issued a number of new legal opinions in response to inquiries from carriers....
Rules, Regs & Bulletins March 19, 2007
A summary of recent regulatory developments and legislation....