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March 7, 2016
Notice to Readers – March 14, 2016
In keeping with our publishing schedule, the next issue of Insurance Compliance Insight will be available March 21, 2016.
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Untimely Bulldozing of Home Proves Costly to Cumberland Group
The demolition prevented an electric utility company from mounting a defense for a fire it might have caused....
Lobbyist, State Official Duel Over Florida’s Approach to Unclaimed Property
The state’s record on connecting people with benefits owed to them “is sketchy, at best,” the lobbyist wrote, and proposed legislation won't do anything to fix it....
California Asks P&C Insurers to Write More Policies in High-Risk Fire Areas
Insurance commissioner promises expedited reviews of ‘difference in conditions’ policies that he says can help provide protection on par with a standard homeowner policy....
Florida Finds Few Foreign Travel Violations, But Will Continue Compliance Exams
Self-reported violations of Florida’s Freedom to Travel law have declined, and the number of life insurance companies asking travel-related questions on applications is trending downward as well....
Insurance Regulations, Bulletins & Legislation – March 7, 2016
Our exclusive roundup of recent regulatory developments and legislation....

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