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March 31, 2008
Print Version of All Articles in March 31 ICI, Part 1
Print out this file for all of the Salary Survey text and charts in the current issue....
Print Version of All Articles in March 31 ICI, Part 2
Print out this file for the text of the Financial Services Overhaul article and Rules, Regs & Bulletins in the current issue....
Treasury’s Financial Services Overhaul Offers Optional Federal Charters, New Federal Insurance Overseer

The Treasury Department has proposed a Blueprint for Regulatory Reform that touches on all sectors of the financial services industry and provides for an optional federal charter for insurers. But it could take years, if ever, to implement....

2008 Salary Survey: Most Say They’re Satisfied With Pay, But Offer Ideas to Improve Compensation
If you want to get rich in compliance, trying getting a job in a business area. Compliance pros working there can expect to earn more than their counterparts in corporate compliance or state filings....
2008 Salary Survey: Compliance Pros Aren't Worried About Job Security, But Still Make Plans for Hard Times
Despite the worsening national economy, roughly two-thirds of those answering the Insurance Compliance Insight 2007-2008 Salary Survey think their job is secure and they aren't worried about losing it....
2008 Salary Survey: Inadequate Budgets, Resources Are a Challenge for Compliance Areas
Nearly half of all compliance professionals – 46.7 percent – said they lack the budget and resources they need to effectively administer their compliance program. The results came in the 2007-2008 Insurance Compliance Insight Salary Survey....
2008 Salary Survey: Women Fare Better Than Sisters in Other Industries, But Still Earn Less at Insurers
Women working in insurance compliance jobs continue to earn less overall than their male counterparts, and the gap appears to be widening. But they’re doing better than women working across the nation in all industries....
2008 Salary Survey: Education Is A Smart Move
Education, both formal and continuing, remains a valuable commodity in the compliance business....
Rules, Regs & Bulletins March 31, 2008

A summary of recent regulatory developments and legislation....


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