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February 19, 2018
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Are Life, Disability & Long-Term Care Insurers Discriminating Against Some Gay Men? Inquiring Regulators Want to Know
Some gay men are saying they can't get insurance because they're taking medicine to prevent they from getting HIV....
Aetna Under Fire for Use of Medical Records When Approving or Denying Medical Treatment
It is denying allegations that a former medical director didn’t review patient’s medical records before making treatment decisions....
Insurance Agency Busted for Mailing Misleading Solicitations
Its mailing made it appear the offer came from credit unions, and not an insurance company....
Policy Exclusion Saves the Day for Insurer
The policy wouldn't pay for any claim involving premiums, and no amount of legal wrangling by the policyholder could get around that....
Pennsylvania Health Exams Focus on Coverage for Substance Abuse, Mental Health
The Insurance Department said it is currently reviewing individual, small and large group policies to make sure they contain all state and federal policy requirements, including mental health parity....
Insurance Regulations, Bulletins & Legislation – Feb. 19, 2018
Our exclusive roundup of recent regulatory developments and legislation....