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January 8, 2007
Insurers Can Continue Using Credit Scores After Florida Judge Strikes Down Proposed Rule

The slumbering giant of credit scoring awoke last month with two developments having national implications....

States File Credit Score Brief with Supreme Court
Insurance commissioners from 13 states have filed a “friend of the court” brief with the U.S. Supreme Court, asking it to uphold the decisions of an appeals court that two insurers failed to provide adverse action notices to consumers....
Insurers Should Review Every Annuity Sale, Garamendi Says in Best Practices Report
The California Insurance Department is suggesting that insurance companies review every annuity sale that comes into your company....
Best Practices: Disaster Tips That Work
These best paractices can help you determine if your business continuity plans are good enough to deal with an unpredictable tornado, flood, mudslide or any other event that could play havoc with compliance programs and the smooth operation of an organization....
Chubb, Allstate Life Ante Up $35.25 Million for Fines, Restitution
Two insurance companies will pay more than $35 million to end state litigation. One carrier was accused of customer steering, finite reinsurance transactions and other illegal activities; another settled allegations of improper customer disclosures....
TRIA, Federal Charters, Producer Issues Will Loom Large for Industry During 2007
Aoptional federal charter and the reauthorization of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program look to be among the top issues for the industry in the new year....
States Accuse Zurich-American, Brokerage of Rigging Bids, Illegally Steering Business
An insurer and an insurance brokerage firm are facing charges that they engaged in improper market conduct....
Florida Governor, Lawmakers Prepare to Tackle Out-of-Control Property Insurance Rates
New Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and the state legislature are moving quickly to address disaster-related insurance issues....
Five States Will Have New Commissioners; Prosecutor, Activist Among Appointments
Governors in five states have changed the leadership of their insurance departments, but it is too soon to tell whether that could indicate a swing toward tighter regulation of insurers in those states.
Rules, Regs & Bulletins Jan. 8, 2007

A summary of some of the latest state regulatory actions....

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